Daily Schedule




This is the daily schedule for the Cow Room. Obviously, there are days when we make changes due to Special Activities or Holidays, but we are usually very consistent in keeping to our routine.


Time  Activity
 9:00/12:30       School starts - Wait on the bench, then walk to room, put belongings in locker,   come into room and sit at Circle Time area
 9:10/12:40 Planning Time   - Sit at group time area for greetings, pick Special Helper, do calendar (PM only), review plan for day, do Oral Motor warm-up and learn theme, art & snack for day  
 9:20/12:50 Toileting -Use bathroom as needed                                                              
 9:20/12:50 Learning Centers    - Make a choice to play at different learning centers (dramatic play-kitchen, table, dress-up clothes, block area- wooden, cardboard, leggos, magnetic blocks, symbolic play -cars/trains, airport, castle, barn or dollhouse, fine motor toys-beads, puzzles, fasteners, magna doodles, easel, writing center, theme related toys, book center, sensory- sand, water, play-doh or play center - McDonalds, beauty shop or tool bench, do art projects,and  work with teacher at Teacher Table (working on IEP goals) or in small groups on basic concepts, language, motor skills, etc.
 10:10/1:40   Clean-up Time - Put toys away, get out chairs for Circle Time
 10:15/2:15 Library - Monday only - Visit library and check out book to take home for 1 week
 10:20/1:50 Large Motor Time - Go outside (weather permitting) or to one of the Motor Rooms: Monday& Wednesday - Gym, Tuesday - Sensory (Ball) Room or Thursday & Friday - Climbing Room to work on games, ball skills, pedaling, balance, strength, coordination and ambulation skills
 2:15 (PM only) Table Time - Work at table in small groups or work independently on pre-Kindergarten skills of writing, alphabet, counting, sorting, following directions on worksheets, weekly reader or group games
 10:45/2:40 Circle Time - Music, story, learning activities, nursery rhymes and finger plays for language development and basic concept knowledge
 11:05/3:00 Snack Time  - Wash hands and then eat snack with focus on self-help skills, using polite forms of language, utilizing eating/drinking utensils, naming foods and practicing appropriate social interactions, then clean up area (put cup in sink, throw away napkin)
 11:20/3:20     Ready for home - Put on belongings, get a stamp, look at a book or use a fidget (squeeze ball, tubes or instrument) until time to line up at door and walk to bus bench, then sit down before going with parent or on bus