Top Ten Things to Know About Room 13


Here are a few answers to questions that frequently come up when children begin school:

#1 - TRANSITIONS: The start of school can be a scary time for young children (and their parents too). Your child will take his "cue" from you. Try to establish a little routine before dropping your child off or putting your child on the bus. Remind your child about the routine. For example, "I'll give you one big hug and a kiss and then mom/dad will go." Always say goodbye to your child. This helps with closure and reinforces trust. To help with the transition to school, your child may want to bring a favorite toy or stuffed animal to school for a few days. Please note: we ask that blankets stay at home ( if they get left behind, it may be a very long night for your child - and you.) A positive send-off will go a long way to easing your child through the transition of starting school.

#2 - LABELS: Please label everything. We try very hard to keep track of all belongings. You can help us a great deal by putting your child's name on eveything from backpacks to toys and clothing.

#3 - COMMUNICATION: If you need to reach us during the school day, please call our secretary Patty at 734-744-2765. Patty is able to call us over the intercom during the school day if there is an emergency or important message. Teachers are in the building from 8:15am until 4:00pm. You can also email me at (I check my email several times a day.)

#4 - Newsletter and notes: Your child will bring home a newsletter every Monday with an overview of activities for the week. On the back of this sheet you will find the weekly note which goes back and forth daily. Since there isn't a lot of time to write, notes will typically be very brief. We ask parents to write brief notes to us as well. Please let us know about any special things that your child did at home - a brother's ball game, grandma's birthday party, a new puppy, etc. We will talk about your child's news at circle time. It helps us to work on language skills if we talk to your child about things that are important to him/her.

#5 - MEDICATION: Please let us know if your child is taking medication for any reason. Please do not put any medications in your child's backpack.

#6 - BIRTHDAYS: Birthdays are very special celebrations at preschool. Please feel free to send in or bring a treat for your child's special day. (If a birthday falls on a weekend or a day off, please pick a school day during the week to celebrate.) Young children typically have small appetites. We have found that mini-muffins, mini-cupcakes or frosted animal crackers are a big "hit" for parties. Some children dislike sweets and may prefer pretzel sticks, veggies and dip or another favorite snack for their birthday. If your child has a summer birthday, we'll let you pick a date in May or June for an early celebration.    PLEASE NOTE: Due to food allergies, we do not allow any products containing nuts or peanut butter in our school.

#7 - SNACKS: A choice of two snacks is offered daily. We try to include a variety of foods with different tastes and textures. All children are offered water as the beverage at snack time. Once each semester a note will be sent home regarding snacks. Each child will be asked to bring in one or two snacks during one week of the semester. If you are able to help us out we'd appreciate it!

#8 - ILLNESS: Sick children need to stay home. Not only will your child get better faster, but this helps to prevent the spread of illness to others. Since sniffles are a frequent occurrence, we ask that families who able to help send in an occasional box of kleenex. THANKS!

#9 - BUS TIME: Classroom staff will meet you at the bus benches at 9 am and 12:30pm. One staff member will stay at the bench with the walkers & car riders. Other staff members will walk the children in from the buses. After school, we ask that parents wait by Patty's office while we get all of the children seated on the bus bench. As soon as the children are seated, we will begin walking children to their parents and then take children out to their buses.

#10 - VOLUNTEERING: Our Perrinville PTA is the BEST! We encourage all families to join! If you'd like to volunteer time as a library mom, please let Karen know. Thanks for your help!!!